[FLVTool2-users] Using flvtool2 on linux, how?

Naicu Octavian naicuoctavian at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 12:39:48 EST 2006

Ok, so I've got a Red Hat Enterprise Linux box, on which I have sucesfully
installed Ruby and copied the contents of flvtool2_1.0.3_rc4.tar.gz in a
fodler somewhere.

This is where I am blocked. How I am supposed to use the program? Here are
som thing I've tried!

[root at localhost flvtool2_1.0.3_rc4]# flvtool2 -help
-bash: flvtool2: command not found

[root at localhost flvtool2_1.0.3_rc4]# rb flvtool2.rb
rb: garbage on commandline

Can someone clear this out for me, I would be most grateful!
Naicu Octavian
CEO &Creative Director @ NaicuAndNaicu
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