[FLVTool2-users] Solution to cue points not appearing in Flash + 1000msec problem

erixtekila erixtekila at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 04:57:32 EDT 2006

> I am a relly bit confused here as I don't know if is this a Flash bug
> or that 2 navigation cue points can not be on the same second or am I
> missing something here (could easily be) ? The reason I am asking this
> is that I would like to insert cue points at locations which are not
> necessarily on keyframes or whole seconds and be able to navigate to
> these points or have aevents attached to them. Can this be done?

Of course it is.
You are using  flvtool2 1.0.5 RC6 and you should update your version to 
the last svn repository.

BTW, let post here the ouptut of a flvtool2 -UPs movie.flv
Just to check something.

See ya.

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