[FLVTool2-users] Solution to cue points not appearing in Flash + 1000msec problem

Oszkar Nagy oszkar.nagy at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 06:42:17 EDT 2006

First, erixtekila thank you for your input, greatly appreciated.

Let me try to explain the problem in greater detail, and please
correct me if I'm wrong in anything as I am no expert on this.

Situation and environment:
I have flvtool2 1.0.5 RC6 running on intel Mac OS X 10.4.7. and I am
using the following command to inject:
flvtool2 -AUPt mydata.xml input.flv output.flv

I have an FLV video encoded from an uncompressed AVI with Macromedia's
Flash 8 Video Encoder which is shipped with Flash 8 Prof. The settings
were Sorenson Spark, 500kbps data rate and automatic keyframe
placement, with the original framerate which was 29.97.

The video has several chapters in it which begin at a specific time. I
have an XML file which contains the start and stop time of each
chapter in miliseconds (and of course the start time of a chapter is
not necessarily on a keyframe). I am injecting this data (start and
stop times of chapters + other here unrelevant data) into the FLV.

When I inject the data from the XML file if I have a cue point
(navigation or event) at 1000 msec (00:00:01:000 in Flash) and another
one at let's say 1100 msec (00:00:01:100 in Flash) the flvtool2
reports back that the tags are injected but you can see nothing in
Flash in the parameters window (although they are in, you can read
them in actionscript). If the gap between these two cue points is
greater than 1000 then it injects and you can see the data in Flash
(in parameter window) as well.

Now my biggest problem is whenever I inject the data all the cue
points are placed at whole seconds. For example I injected the sample
XML file with the three events, I only changed the timestamps:

333,1000,1100 for the three events
With these none of the cue points showed up in Flash. (time 0,1,1
reported by flvtool2)

If I changed them to:
333, 1000, 2100
then they showed up with the following timestamp in Flash:
00:00:00:000, 00:00:01:000, 00:00:02:000  (time 0,1,2 reported by flvtool2)
but they shouldn't they be
00:00:00:333, 00:00:01:000, 00:00:02:100????

I am a relly bit confused here as I don't know if is this a Flash bug
or that 2 navigation cue points can not be on the same second or am I
missing something here (could easily be) ? The reason I am asking this
is that I would like to insert cue points at locations which are not
necessarily on keyframes or whole seconds and be able to navigate to
these points or have aevents attached to them. Can this be done?

Anyway flvtool2 is a great program!

Oszkar Nagy

> Sorry but I don't think this is the issue.
> First what version of flvtool2 do you use ?
> What is the standard Flash encoder ? Macromedia's ?
> Precision is not as you mention.
> Let me try to explain :
> flv is a serie of frames and keyframes.
> The number of frames depends of your encoding settings.
> You could add two sorts of cuepoints in the flv.
> But the more accurate time you getwill be the one used with the
> flvtool2 -k switch.
>    -k            Keyframe mode slides onCuePoint(navigation) tags added
> by the
>                  add command to nearest keyframe position
> So you'd anderstand better how the time of your cuepoint is dependant
> of your encoding.
> You should give the framerate and number of keyframe/frame used in your
> settings.
> That way, wil a simple calculation, we'll be able to know if flvtool2
> fails where FVE achieve the task.
> IMHO FVE (Flash Video Exporter) tells you precise time although it
> won't be able to be precise.
> Just my 2 cents.
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