[FLVTool2-users] Solution to cue points not appearing in Flash + 1000msec problem

erixtekila erixtekila at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 17:59:35 EDT 2006

> Just found out why wasn't showing up my injected metadata in Flash on
> Mac OS X although flvtool2 reported that it is inside.
> The problem was that some of the cue points were closer than 1000
> msec. If I left more than 1000 msec gap between the cue points it
> worked fine in Flash as well.
> So question: Why does flvtool2 put cue points just  on whole seconds?
> With the standard Flash encoder you can define cue points at let's
> say 00:26:13:123 whereas with flvtool2 only at 00:26:13:000.
> Would be really nice to have this precision as in some cases its
> really needed.
> Hope this helps somebody...

Sorry but I don't think this is the issue.
First what version of flvtool2 do you use ?
What is the standard Flash encoder ? Macromedia's ?

Precision is not as you mention.
Let me try to explain :
flv is a serie of frames and keyframes.
The number of frames depends of your encoding settings.

You could add two sorts of cuepoints in the flv.
But the more accurate time you get will be the one used with the 
flvtool2 -k switch.
   -k            Keyframe mode slides onCuePoint(navigation) tags added 
by the
                 add command to nearest keyframe position

So you'd anderstand better how the time of your cuepoint is dependant 
of your encoding.
You should give the framerate and number of keyframe/frame used in your 
That way, wil a simple calculation, we'll be able to know if flvtool2 
fails where FVE achieve the task.

IMHO FVE (Flash Video Exporter) tells you precise time although it 
won't be able to be precise.

Just my 2 cents.

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