[FLVTool2-users] Solution to cue points not appearing in Flash + 1000msec problem

Oszkar Nagy oszkar.nagy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 05:50:07 EDT 2006

Just found out why wasn't showing up my injected metadata in Flash on  
Mac OS X although flvtool2 reported that it is inside.
The problem was that some of the cue points were closer than 1000  
msec. If I left more than 1000 msec gap between the cue points it  
worked fine in Flash as well.

So question: Why does flvtool2 put cue points just  on whole seconds?  
With the standard Flash encoder you can define cue points at let's  
say 00:26:13:123 whereas with flvtool2 only at 00:26:13:000.

Would be really nice to have this precision as in some cases its  
really needed.

Hope this helps somebody...

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