[FLVTool2-users] Question regarding XML syntax for onCuePoint metatags.

erixtekila erixtekila at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 12:22:46 EST 2006

> I am having trouble when inserting onCuePoint metatags using flvtool2.
> I use the following command (OS is Linux and FLVTool2 version is
> 1.0.3 RC4):
> flvtool2 -UAt /tmp/tags.xml /tmp/file.flv
> I'd be glad if someone could hint me as to why my timestamps doesn't
> work and why I seem to have to run the -UAt command twice in order
> for any cuepoints to show up!

I can confirm that on osx too.

One need two pass of flvtool2 -UAt /tmp/tags.xml /tmp/file.flv to add 
the cuepoints to the flv.

I also tried to pipe he process without any luck.
I was thinking that flvtool2 needs a pass wih -U and use the infos to 
add the cuepoints :
./flvtool2 -U /Users/via/Desktop/demo.flv stdout | ./flvtool2 -At 
/Users/via/Desktop/tags.xml stdin /Users/via/Desktop/test.flv

BTW, we are only talking of the cuepoints list added in the header 
file, as I don't took time to test them as events for now…

I think there is also an issue with the line type of the tags.xml file.
It seems to use \n only, not \n\r neither \r.


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