[FLVTool2-users] Question regarding XML syntax for onCuePoint metatags.

Fredrik Olofsson fredrik at absoft.se
Tue Feb 28 07:05:24 EST 2006


I am having trouble when inserting onCuePoint metatags using flvtool2.

I use the following command (OS is Linux and FLVTool2 version is  
1.0.3 RC4):

flvtool2 -UAt /tmp/tags.xml /tmp/file.flv

I noticed that I need to run this command _two_ times on the same  
file in order for the cuepoint tags to show up with "flvtool2 -Px / 
tmp/file.flv",  which is a bit weird. Then when the tags do show up,  
the timestamp is always set to zero (<time>0</time>).

My tags.xml file is modelled after the example that comes with  
flvtool2 and looks as  so:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
   <metatag event="onCuePoint" overwrite="true">
       <says>I am so glad I have eyeballs.</says>

I'd be glad if someone could hint me as to why my timestamps doesn't  
work and why I seem to have to run the -UAt command twice in order  
for any cuepoints to show up!


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The statement above is false."

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