[FLVTool2-users] performance issues with large files

Carina S spam4carina at gmx.at
Wed Apr 26 03:47:53 EDT 2006


Sorry for crossposting but I just found this mailing list an I guess this is
the better place for my question than the inlet-media blog.

I recently started testing the flvtool2 and I discovered some performace
issues when I try to inject metadata into large flv files (the duration of
the metadata injection increases exponentially & the tool uses a lot of RAM
an ~50% of the CPU).

My test results:
4 minutes long flv File: 4 seconds

10 min flv (15MB filesize): 35 sec, uses 25 MB of RAM

25 min flv (37MB filesize): 3 min 40 sec, uses 58 MB of RAM

100 min flv (150MB filesize): >1 hour, uses 250 MB of RAM

jfyi: With FLLMDI - which I don't want to use because it's only a win32 app
- it takes about 3 minutes to inject the data in the 100 min flv.

Do you have similar experiences? Is there a way to solve this problem?
Or are there plans to fix this problem?

kind regards,

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