[FLVTool2-users] Flvtool2 does not write onMetadata to file

erixtekila erixtekila at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 18:46:04 EDT 2006

Le 15 avr. 06, à 15:47, Uni-Fi Main a écrit :

> I am working with flvtool2 and everything seems to be going ok. The
> output displays (see below), but the output file does not include the
> metadata. Can anyone help me figure out what is going on? I know I am 
> so
> close and it is probably something very small that I am doing wrong.
> Thanks!
> flvtool2 -UP  avi_test.flv  meta_test3.flv
Obviously, this command update the avi_test.flv itself…

Try to look here to further example, using pipe and redirections :


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