[Facebooker-talk] Mixing Facebooker into an existing site

Mike Mangino mmangino at elevatedrails.com
Thu Oct 9 16:25:11 EDT 2008

On Oct 9, 2008, at 4:04 PM, vincent chu wrote:

> Hi all --
> I'm adding a facebook plugin to an existing website and would like to
> use data stored in existing models to display content on a facebook
> application. I would like the rest of the site to run normally (i.e.,
> in NON-facebook mode), but I would like to define several views which
> the site would handle using facebooker / facebooker_authentication.
> Here's my conundrum (and apologies if this is a really simple
> question): how do I configure my site so that facebooker will only
> handle certain views?  If I install facebooker, then my site is broken
> because the installation make the site handle all views as facebook
> views.

What do you mean the site is broken? For non-facebook requests the  
normal process should be followed. If a request comes from Facebook,  
it will try to render the .fbml.erb template instead.


> Thanks,
> Vince
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