[Facebooker-talk] mapping callback url to the correct controller

Josh Sharpe josh.m.sharpe at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 12:43:36 EST 2008

First off, our default route is:
map.connect ':locale/:controller/:action/:id'

So I created a facebook controller which can be accessed at /en/facebook/
and I set up the callbackURL to be http://www.domain.com/en/facebook.

This works and pulls up my index page just fine.  But when I create a really
simple link on that page:

<%= link_to "Something Else", :action => :something %>

It links to: /en/facebook/en/facebook/something and I obviously get a
Routing error.

So I tried to set up some routes.rb trickery:

map.connect "/en/facebook/:locale/:controller/:action/:id"
map.connect "/en/facebook/:locale/:controller/:action"

This makes links point to:

So there is some kind of circular action going on here.

Any suggestions on how I can get out of this?
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