[eXPlainPMT Developers] First design idea

Mario de Souza Neto msneto at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 25 10:19:18 EDT 2005

Hi Luke,

> Very early stages here, I've also toyed with a logo
> idea, as I like to design around a logo.

First my impressions: I enjoyed the logo. Simple, nice
use of color to show the xp association, and the
baloon is great. What was your idea about the baloon?
(XP > Intensive Communication > eXPlainPMT?)

Now my suggestions:

1) The header is using 210 px height. Maybe it is too
much, since there is a lot of white space not being
used at the right of the logo. It think it could be
shrinked a little (since white space is good!). Here
is how:

a) Make the logo a bit smaller (including white
spaces). What about: top white space + logo + bottom
white space = between 90 to 120 px height?

b) Put the bread crumb right aligned at the project
name bar (below the admin options "Dashboard",
"Projects" and "Users"). This bar is almost empty.

c) Without the bread crumb, the green bar could be
smaller (with a stylish cut in the left end).

d) With the green bar smaller (maybe using the right
half of the screen), move everything else to the top.

What do you think?

> Should thoughts be sent to the list or entered into
> the wiki page?

The discussion could be here, but IMHO we should put
it on the wiki when we decide how it will be. This way
every developer knows what style to use, etc.

Ah! And what about the CSS files? It would be nice to
define CSS styles for forms too.


Mario de Souza Neto
E-mail: msneto at yahoo.com
ICQ: 21068687
MSN: msneto at yahoo.com


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