[Erector-devel] Contributing to Erector

Jim Kingdon kingdon at panix.com
Fri Apr 3 22:06:49 EDT 2009

> I'd like to use the Apache rules for accepting new contributors, which
> is that once you've made a few good patches, you should attract the
> attention of an existing contributor, who becomes your sponsor. The
> sponsor sends a message to this list proposing you, and current
> members all reply with a simple "+1" for yes and "-1" for no.

Something along these lines sounds OK, although I would recommend
focusing on accepting and rejecting changes, not accepting and
rejecting people.

This might be a difference in mindset as much as procedure, since the
basic concept of having a central github repository which a variety of
people push to is useful and we need to have some way of adding people
to that collaborator list.  Basing this on acceptance of patches makes
more sense than basing it on intention to contribute or something.

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