[Erector-devel] Erector gem 0.4.191 released

Alex Chaffee alex at pivotallabs.com
Wed Jul 30 12:20:47 EDT 2008

=== 0.4.191 / 2008-07-29
* Renamed HtmlParts to Doc
* Widget#doc is now a HtmlParts which proxies to the passed in IO stream
* Better compatibility with standard Rails rendering because
ActionController::Base#render and #render_widget now have the Widget
write directly to _erbout.
* ActionView::Base objects run with Erector now receive all of the
instance variables
* Erector works with erb layouts
* Deprecate fake_erbout
* Better handling for file with .html.rb extension.
* Fix overwriting issue when using Rails helpers
* New method Widget#character
* Widget#nbsp without arguments now outputs a single non-breaking space.

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