[Erector-devel] Erector gem?

Alex Chaffee alex at pivotallabs.com
Wed Jul 30 11:28:17 EDT 2008

> rsync -av --delete rdoc/
> jkingdon at rubyforge.org:/var/www/gforge-projects/erector/rdoc
> building file list ... done
> rsync: delete_file: unlink
> "/var/www/gforge-projects/erector/rdoc/dot/f_4.png" failed: Permission
> denied (13)
> Do I need to have different permissions on rubyforge?

Ah, the dreaded "works for me" problem. Since I'm the only one who's
ever pushed the site, the files must be owned by me alone. I'll take a

Alex Chaffee
alexch at gmail.com

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