[ditz-talk] I'd like to decentralize ditz

William Morgan wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net
Thu Feb 3 17:26:57 EST 2011

Reformatted excerpts from Matt Katz's message of 2011-02-02:
> William, do you have any interest in adding a co-maintainer?

I am no longer maintaining Ditz. I had a good time making it, but it doesn't
suit my current needs, and I have too many other things on my plate righ tnow.

But I would love to see it survive. So, if you make a Gitorious account, I will
give you commit power. If you make a rubyforge account, I will give you access
to the rubyforge page as well.
William <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>

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