[ditz-talk] I'd like to decentralize ditz

Matt Katz matthew.katz at morelightmorelight.com
Wed Feb 2 00:08:29 EST 2011

William, do you have any interest in adding a co-maintainer? It looks
like the main thing keeping you from accepting patches for ditz is
reviewing them.  It would be nice to *distribute* some of this

For example, I went ahead and fixed the missing .ditz-plugins file issue
before noticing that Kouhei had tried to fix the same thing in 2009.  

I'd be willing to help integrate patches or work on the rubyforge site -
I think that others on this list might also volunteer.

It's a really nice thing that you started, we'd like to continue it, and
it would help if we could update the gem or even advance the mainline

Matt Katz <matthew.katz at morelightmorelight.com>

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