[ditz-talk] Suggestion about possible plugin

xancorreu xancorreu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 15:05:55 EDT 2011


I'm a simply user. I have no skills to program, but if someone wants to 
implement this, I will be very glad ;-). I want that with ditz we could 
add optional fields of issues. I explain:

When we run ditz init, ditz could ask:
Do you want to add extra fields in issues than the default? (Yes/No) Yes

For example:
- due-to
- version = 1.0, 2.0, dev

In dialog, anyone could add options to display in the fields (like in 
version) (a closed options are avaliable) or not (write anything).

I think that with tag plugin this could be very easy to implement, but 
difficult to me. Just a suggestion. File it as a wishlist bug if you want.

Thanks in advance,

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