[ditz-talk] A sundry list of ad-hoc features I've added

'Gareth Priede' garethpriede at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 16:02:59 EDT 2010


I thought I'd list some of the changes I've made to my repo of
ditz. I've mangled the original code a bit which is why I haven't
tried to get them pushed to the main repo, but in case someone finds
these useful, get hold of me or clone the ploppy branch.

My work environment is working solo or with one other developer. I
often have to communicate my issues list with a client, so most of
these things revolve around getting that information out.

- IDs. The guid ids are irritating because they're hard to refer to
  and they change. So I added an option to .ditz-config called
  sha_name. If this option is sha then the existing guid functionality
  is enabled. If it is anything else, and I typically use 'g' as my
  initial, then guids are generated in the format
  <sha_name><some_number>, so for example g21.

  This id is unique as long as everyone adding to ditz chooses a
  unique initial. In a controlled environment this isn't hard to

  The number part is 1 plus the count of all the issues, so it's
  guaranteed to be unique on your machine, and by concatenating the
  unique initial it's unique across all machines.

- Made org-mode prettier. I changed some colours to make things
  easier, and added some shortcuts like 'Edit the actual file' which
  takes you to the .yaml file.

- Linking from emacs org-mode. I have a shortcut which copies the ditz
  link from an emacs buffer which can then be posted into org as a
  link. The link opens the ditz-mode viewing the ditz issue
  content. The 't' shortcut then links back to the ditz-todo list.

- ditz-time-release function. As an alternative to ditz-todo, shows a
  more comprehensive list of issues in a slightly different format. 

  The first part of the output looks like this:

	Sprint6 (unreleased):
	[time taken = 11.0 (estimated would take 19.6 hours)]
	[estimates are too high by 56.1224489795918%]
	[estimated time left = 10.9 hours. adjusted time is 6.11734693877551 hours]

	Change requests based on Sprint5

	_ g97 : g97 : dev_done : (took 0.017 hours by gtp, estimate 0.3 hours) remove admin viewing of case classification categories
	_ g98 : g98 : dev_done : (took 2.9 hours by gtp, estimate 2 hours) fix scores
	_ g101 : g101 : dev_done : (took 0.133 hours by gtp, estimate 0.4 hours) move the 'dont include R symbol' somewhere else
	_ g107 : g107 : dev_done : (took 0.017 hours by gtp, estimate 0.2 hours) remove hr tag from referral to service provider first tab

  It includes:
  - estimated time for all open releases
  - comparison of estimated time with real time for closed issues.
  - estimated time for all issues
  - actual time for all closed issues
  - the name of the person who closed the issue.

- Added ditz spec command, which creates an overview page in html and
  rtf. This contains content which can be cut-and-pasted into a Word
  doc, with a small bit of reformatting required to neaten it
  up. Contains the usual stuff like issues and releases, but in a more
  tabulated format. This part is particularly hacky, because I also
  convert my org-mode mockup files to html, which is outside the
  regular ditz-as-an-issue-manager scope.


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