[ditz-talk] ditz-trac update #2

Sean Russell seanerussell at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 12:11:07 EST 2010

I've half a mind to fork it and make some additions that fit it better with
my habits (more command-line alternatives to the interactive stuff)... but
only half a mind.  I've enough open source projects that I don't have enough
time to work on, as it is.

Out of curiosity, how many people offer you patches?  If it were just a
matter of release management, I might be able to manage a fork, with my
occasional tweak, reviewing patches, and the occasional release... but if
the fork depends entirely on my development effort, then it probably isn't
worth it, since the updates would be extremely rare.

Is there *anybody* on this list, besides myself, who has both interest and
skill to respond to bug reports and do modest development?  If so, please
contact me.

Also, since I value your opinion on these matters, William -- what are you
using now for issue management, and why?  I ask, because I'm considering
whether some sort of direct offline Trac tool might be lower cost for me.  I
like ditz just fine, but I'm not sure that I need my issue tracker to be
version controllable -- I just need it to be off-line-able, and have a
separate DB per project.  In fact, I'm increasingly convinced from what I've
seen that software developers have no more -- and possibly less -- than a
50% stake in issue management; users have the other solid 50%.  As for
ease-of-use, ditz-like trackers have a split more like 95/5; web-based
trackers split it more 80/20.  The more I think about it, the more I believe
that a solid web tracker which can be used off-line and sync'ed is the ideal
design.  Trac, or Redmine, or some such.

My experience with ditz-trac has shown me that the XMLRPC interface to Trac
simply isn't sufficient for a robust off-line sync'ing.  It imposes too many
limitations on the event log.  What I really need is direct write access to
the Trac DB, so that I can manage the events with finer resolution.  If I go
down that path, though, then one wonders whether it might not be better to
simply copy the sqlite DB, rather than trying to shoe-horn the two differing
schemas (Trac/ditz) together.

Well, thanks for responding, William.

--- SER

On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 10:21 AM, William Morgan
<wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>wrote:

> Reformatted excerpts from Sean Russell's message of 2010-01-30:
> > It was worth the effort; William has obviously either worked with
> > plugin infrastructures before, or he's a plugin prodigy... the
> > interface is extremely complete and easy to use, and it's taught me a
> > lot about the domain. If you haven't played with plugin development, I
> > recommend it as a study in good plugin architecture design.
> Wow, thanks! I am pretty happy with how the plugin stuff turned out in
> Ditz. Thanks for ploughing through the lack of remaining support
> community, and keep us informed about the plugin!
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> William <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>
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