[ditz-talk] Ditz/Trac synchronization plugin

Sean Russell seanerussell at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 09:55:13 EST 2010

Attached is the beginning of a sync plugin for Trac.  I'm trying to get out
of the house and get to work at the moment, but I'll post a Trac URL for the
project later this week.  For now, if anybody is interested in testing or
working on it, here's a partially functioning start.

It requires trac4r and ditz, but nothing else.  It also assumes that you
installed trac4r with rubygems.

Right now, it *only* does one-way syncing from Trac to Ditz.  Going the
other direction won't be any more difficult; I just haven't gotten to it

Usage: first, save attachment to wherever your ditz plugins live; eg,
/usr/local/lib/site-ruby/1.8/ditz/plugins.  Then:

ditz reconfigure  # Only the first time
ditz sync    # yeah, yeah... overlaps with the git plugin.

The 'ditz reconfigure' allows you to set the Trac URL of the project
(without the login/xmlrpc stuff), and the uid and password for a user that
has XMLRPC permissions in Trac

There are a *lot* of caveats to this:

   1. Work with a *clone* of your repository to start with.  I do not
   guarantee that this is bug-free.
   2. Not everything between ditz and Trac map 1-1.  I had to make some
   assumptions about how to map statuses and dispositions -- most of these
   assumptions are in the mappings at the top of the plugin.  Suggestions about
   better mappings are welcome.
   3. I'm planning on extending the ditz Issues to include some of the
   information from Trac; in particular, the plugin matches issues by the
   Trac:summary / ditz:title, which is guaranteed to fail in not-to-unusual
   edge cases, so I'm going to store the Trac ID in the ditz issue.
   4. Related to the previous two points is that some Trac information isn't
   saved in ditz, such as priority or severity.  I'll add support for these,
   but some information -- such as attachments -- I probably won't.
   5. Because of limitations in ditz's configuration system (specifically,
   there isn't per-repo configuration), you can only use this with a single
   project.  That is, the configuration is global, not per repo.  I may have to
   implement a plugin-specific configuration mechanism to fix this.
   6. It is very verbose right now.  I need to add a --debug mode to reduce

Oh, and the code is not particularly pretty, nor well documented.  OTOH, it
isn't very complex, either.  However, it seems to work fairly well, although
testing has so far been very limited.

Please, please, make sure that XMLRPC is working *outside* of this plugin
before submitting issues about it.  And don't bother asking me about how to
configure Trac to get XMLRPC working -- it was a pain in the ass for me to
get it working on my site, and I'm not eager to go through that again.  I'm
not even sure what I did that made it work, so I'd probably just screw up
your Trac configuration.

Feedback is welcome.  Assistance is welcome even more.


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