[ditz-talk] What is the status of ditz

Antti Kaihola akaihol+ditz at ambitone.com
Wed Nov 4 04:34:12 EST 2009

Nate Murray wrote:
> [...] The idea was I
> could have the joy of using my cli and vim, even when I was on the
> train (e.g. offline). Then I could participate in  the "corporate"
> bug-tracker with a simple `ditz jira-push`.
> I wonder what it would take to build a bug-tracker distribution layer
> in/on/with ditz. From that layer we could build adapters to github /
> lighthouse / trac / your-favorite-here. This way we could still use
> ditz, but interface with those who don't.

That would be fantastic. Add integration with Emacs org-mode, get
someone as good as W.M. as project leader, and I promise to learn Ruby
just to be able to participate (currently a Python guy).


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