[ditz-talk] What is the status of ditz

Ilpo Nyyssönen iny.7d9 at iny.iki.fi
Tue Nov 3 23:58:24 EST 2009

Ciprian Dorin, Craciun, 2009-11-03:
>     * what didn't you like about the current implementation?
>     * what would you do differently?

I would like to customize the grouping and sorting of the issues.

>     * what are you using / going to use now?

I'm using ditz as my personal todo list. I use unison to sync it to my
laptop and so I can take it with me too.

It would be interesting to be able to track issues in different open
source projects. To be clear, I would like to be able to tell ditz to
make an issue from that issue there in the internet and later to
update information of such issues automatically.

Ilpo Nyyssönen # biny # /* :-) */

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