[ditz-talk] What is the status of ditz

Nate Murray nate at natemurray.com
Tue Nov 3 19:12:22 EST 2009

Personally, I think ditz is the best cli for a bug-tracker anywhere. I
toyed with sd / prophet for a while a couple months back
(http://syncwith.us/). The idea of sd is cool: be a decentralized,
offline bug-tracker that will then sync with existing centralized bug

The execution is, ahem, lacking. This isn't butt-kissing, but I
literally was working through the sd code thinking "I wish William
Morgan had written this". Because if you had, it would probably be
much smaller, cleaner, and maybe even usable. Sd in its current state,
is not really any of those things.

That said, inspired from sd I've been toying with the idea of a ditz
plugin to 2-way sync with Jira (the bug tracker we use at my work, aka
the reason I've turned to command-line bug-trackers). The idea was I
could have the joy of using my cli and vim, even when I was on the
train (e.g. offline). Then I could participate in  the "corporate"
bug-tracker with a simple `ditz jira-push`.

I wonder what it would take to build a bug-tracker distribution layer
in/on/with ditz. From that layer we could build adapters to github /
lighthouse / trac / your-favorite-here. This way we could still use
ditz, but interface with those who don't.


On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 7:28 AM, William Morgan
<wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net> wrote:
> Reformatted excerpts from Gareth Priede's message of 2009-11-03:
>> I use ditz in a team programming environment and it's fantastic.
> Awesome!
>> But the ditz code is clear and easy to fiddle with, and it does pretty
>> much what it says on the box.
> That's great to hear. I don't really want to see Ditz die; I just
> personally don't have the motivation or time now that it no longer meets
> my needs.
> So, let me make some commitments:
> - I will accept bugfix patches (but no new features).
> - I will minor bugfix releases when necessary.
> - If someone wants to take over maintainership, I'll do my best to help
>  them get started.
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