[ditz-talk] estimating time

Andrea Fazzi andrea.fazzi at alcacoop.it
Fri Jul 31 05:40:36 EDT 2009

Excerpts from Gareth Priede's message of ven lug 31 11:15:56 +0200 2009:
> a plugin for estimating time per issue per release would be useful, has
> anyone written one? If not, I will.
> I just want something to put a number of hours against an issue and have
> totals appear in the release.
> I see a post by Andrea Fazzi was talking about a time-tracking plugin, i
> guess this might be similar in that totals are required, not sure if they
> would necessarily need to relate though.
> Any particular suggestions?


months ago I did a very naive implementation of a per-issue time-tracking 
plugin. You can check it out from my gitorious repo:



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