[ditz-talk] web submission form

David Gurba webdev at id.ucsb.edu
Fri Jan 30 16:16:50 EST 2009

hi --

would anyone be interested in a web submission form for new bugs? It  
appears to me that Ditz is great as an internal bug reporting tool.  
But currently it falls short of letting IT bosses, or your 3rd party  
clients a way to submit bugs.

I have a simple Sinatra app that allows creation of Ditz bug reports  
and parses your config files for your components and another setting  
or to. But the rest of the system -- a cron job to poll intermittently  
for new bugs and then commit them to a repository under a username  
such as "www-ditz" is all thats left to polish off a *simple* frontend  
allowing external bug reports ...

Does anyone out there find an extension such as this useful to their  
work flow?

Thanks for your time,
David Gurba
Web Programmer
Instructional Development @ UCSB

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