[ditz-talk] Sorting issue in HTML page

Ben Lau xbenlau at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 10:17:58 EST 2009


  I have a suggestion for HTML generation function. In the current
design, the table of issue inside release page (e.g
html/release-XXX.html ) is sorted by creation time. Sometime we may
want it to be sorted by issue name , status (completed , working or
....). Ofcoz it is trouble to add an option to `ditz html` for this
purpose . But I have a simpler solution, ditz may attend a javascript
program called sorttable , which could add sorting feature to a HTML


   Example could be found on the page above. User could just click on
the header and have the table sorted.

   sorttable is licensed under X11 license , so it should have no
problem to bundle with ditz togather.

   Any comment?

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