[ditz-talk] Time spent on an issue

Antti Kaihola akaihol+ditz at ambitone.com
Sun Feb 15 15:53:00 EST 2009

> I wonder if there is a way to calculate the time spent on an issue
> (the sum of all time intervals between start and stop). Actually, it
> seems that only the age of the issue is stored and shown. If not yet
> implemented this can be a nice feature.

I've written a Python script [1] which produces a report on work hours
spent on selected or all Ditz issues in a project. It shows both totals
as well as daily and weekly hours. You can also exclude hours before
and/or after given timestamps. The name of the script is a bit off
since I planned to add more functionality (and that might still happen).

A separate Python script is of course a hack and this would be nicer
implemented in Ditz or as a plugin. I just haven't learned Ruby yet and
wanted to use the feature immediately.

A shortcoming in using Ditz for work log tracking is that the model it
uses doesn't work when multiple people might work on the same issue and
their work hours could overlap. The status is defined per issue, not
per issue/person.

[1] http://github.com/akaihola/pyditz

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