[ditz-talk] Dependencies

David Masover ninja at slaphack.com
Tue Feb 10 15:53:21 EST 2009

William Morgan wrote:
> In terms of a design, I was thinking of something very lightweight, that
> just let you add issues to a 'dependencies' field without imposing any
> other real constraints (maybe warning if you try and close something
> without having closed its dependencies.) In this case in would be a
> pretty simple plugin.

What would make such a plugin useful for me is ordering -- a view which 
only shows me things to do which have no outstanding dependencies, 
ordered by the collective priority of things depending on them, for example.

It would also be useful to have automatic resolution -- for example, 
declare an issue as strictly the result of a collection of other issues. 
When the dependencies are done, so is that issue. That's not as 
important, though, with the above in place.

This might benefit from a cache of some sort -- something which you'd 
probably add to .gitignore. But that's probably premature, at this point.

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