[ditz-talk] Dependencies

Devendra Gera gera at theoldmonk.net
Mon Feb 9 13:19:43 EST 2009

On Mon, 09 Feb 2009, William Morgan wrote:

> In terms of a design, I was thinking of something very lightweight, that
> just let you add issues to a 'dependencies' field without imposing any
> other real constraints (maybe warning if you try and close something
> without having closed its dependencies.) In this case in would be a
> pretty simple plugin.

I was thinking that bugs with open dependencies wouldn't appear in a lot
of views, but now I realize that might not be entirely "correct". But
there are some views that shouldn't show bugs with open dependencies.
The TODO view is probably one of them.

Or maybe we can have a separate GTD view (show me what I can work on
_now_). Any thoughts on this?


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