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Ben Finney ben+ditz at benfinney.id.au
Sat Dec 5 21:01:41 EST 2009

William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net> writes:

> Reformatted excerpts from Ben Finney's message of 2009-12-05:
> > How can we tell whether that is the case? The data storage format is
> > YAML, is there something we can inspect to determine the answer to
> > your question?
> Yes, grep for ^component: in all the issue .yaml files, and see if any
> of them have a value that doesn't correspond to a component in
> project.yaml.
> Let me know if that's not the problem.

All the results show only one component:

$ grep -r '^component:' .ditz/
.ditz/issue-53dc34efe59894f3f296b0b394a5e4e9676dc701.yaml:component: elab
.ditz/issue-b6dca55aea2f06dad1bb658079c90d7464938519.yaml:component: elab
.ditz/issue-b6ec805623da0348121960043e79fa7b2f5d0581.yaml:component: elab
.ditz/issue-a9d0c324ed74445f476a4e47e034b27bfefe80a1.yaml:component: elab
.ditz/issue-7df529632bf19b9b0f11af3ec7b0e97c5ff92459.yaml:component: elab
.ditz/issue-99f9dd0f9acba48583b5871fbe0bb15444308026.yaml:component: elab

That component does appear in the project data:

$ grep -A2 '^components:' .ditz/project.yaml 
- !ditz.rubyforge.org,2008-03-06/component 
  name: elab

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