[ditz-talk] Some Ditz thoughts

Nolan Darilek nolan at thewordnerd.info
Fri Sep 12 13:00:48 EDT 2008

Hey, folks. I've been hacking on Ditz for the past few weeks and had a 
few thoughts I wanted to put out. Hacking time over the next 1.5 months 
is going to be pretty limited, so I don't think I'll be able to get to 
these anytime soon, but if no one runs with them then I likely will 
eventually. :)

Has anyone considered changing the name of the default ditz directory 
from bugs to something like .ditz? I like the idea of putting project 
metadata--version control, issue-tracking, etc.--into hidden 
.directories. Also, Ditz isn't just for bugs, so having a bugs directory 
storing issues seems like a bit of a misnomer. :) Also, this correctly 
identifies what program is needed to affect the issue metadata. If I 
check out a project containing a bugs directory, I have to dig around a 
bit to determine how it is maintained. If my project contains a .ditz 
dir, though, that makes it a bit easier for new developers to google the 
needed tool. I know this is currently possible via project configs, it 
just seems like it might be a more sensible default.

Speaking of project configs, I like the idea of per-user and per-project 
configuration. Perhaps it could work like git's config system--create a 
config operator with a --global flag, merging project and global 
defaults, though I could see a few problems with this scenario. I'd like 
to store a global email address as well as specific addresses per 
project, though project-specific email addresses should probably be 
stored in the global configuration file to prevent one person from 
accidentally changing and committing the project-specific config. Just 
wondering if anyone had given this issue any thought?

I was also pondering the merging of standard and plugin config such that 
there is only one file with a plugins: section. It'd be a hash with the 
plugin name as key and a hash of config values for each plugin. This 
would make removing a plugin and its config a snap, both programatically 
and via the editor.

Anyhow, just a few thoughts. I'm sorry that I lack the time to work on 
these just now, but perhaps they'll inspire someone else. :)

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