[ditz-talk] sorting todo lists

Thomas Nichols nichols7 at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 11 12:41:20 EDT 2008


We built an ad-hoc system around ditz, using 'todotxt'-style tags in the 
title -- e.g:
@prio=10 @thomas - fix export_as_zip for empty datasets

This allowed me to do `ditz todo Etna` to list all tasks for release 
Etna, then use a delightful mash of grep and sort to list *my* tasks, 
sorted by priority. This was a hideous hack, but it worked (though 
shuffling priorities is a PITA). It means I can follow a GTD-style 
workflow -- when I'm coding, the current task is right there at the top 
of the list, I can see what I have planned next

Now I'm wondering how to get that ability to sort and filter my tasklist 
using plugins. I've seen issue 3e079c58 at 

but I'm not sure what's envisaged for this.  If I add a new 'priority' 
field, what's the best way to get 'ditz todo' to sort the list by 
priority? Am I best monkey-patching Operator and defining 
todo_list_by_priority, or is there an approach based on Hooks / plugins 
I haven't fathomed yet?

I've also got the latest github ditz / sheila / camping code set up, and 
with the addition of edit/start/close/comment actions this could be very 
useful -- but from recent comments I'm not sure whether there are plans 
to add such support. Any thoughts on extending Sheila to handle fields 
defined by plugins?

I'm not going to get much time on any of this for the next few weeks, so 
atm I'm just trawling for ideas...


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