[ditz-talk] ditz html generates html in current directory, not next to bugs folder

Matthew Wilson matt at tplus1.com
Thu Sep 4 12:45:47 EDT 2008

So, I got so used to using ditz commands inside of subdirectories of
my project that I ran ditz html while I was way down in the tree.

So, ditz dutifully made an html folder right there.

I didn't pay attention to the output of the command.  Instead I just
reloaded my browser view of the html folder at the top of my tree and
thought "Hmm; ditz didn't rewrite these pages."

It took me a few minutes to figure out what happened.

Would it be worthwhile to force ditz to always put the html stuff in
the same spot rather than the current directory?


Matthew Wilson
matt at tplus1.com

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