[ditz-talk] Does ditz need some kind of relational DB or searching / indexing engine?

Matthew Wilson matt at tplus1.com
Thu Oct 30 11:28:58 EDT 2008

I've been using ditz for about a month now, and I have big pile of
ditz issues.  Now I want to search through them and organize them, and
I feel like I'm writing SQL queries except with long chains of greps
and pipes.

For example, I want to find all issues associated with a release that
are assigned to a particular employee, filtered to just the issues
that have a particular phrase in the description.

Another example is that I decided to rename a release from 3.5.1 to
"long-run".  Since all the issues use the release-name in their own
issue file, all the issues that were assigned to 3.5.1 were now

A local sqlite database might solve a lot of these problems, but maybe
there are other solutions as well, like just building index files.
Also, I think it might be nice to use something like UUID to make
unique identifiers for each issue, release, component, etc, and then
use those IDs for references between them.

Or if sqlite is no bueno, what about using one of those newfangled
document databases like couchdb for storing issues?

Matthew Wilson
matt at tplus1.com

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