[ditz-talk] Anyone else want ditz to auto-commit after make a new issue?

William Morgan wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net
Tue Oct 28 14:12:52 EDT 2008

Weird, I didn't seem to get the original email.

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 7:55 AM, Matthew Wilson <matt at tplus1.com> wrote:
> I'm using git.  After I make a new ditz issue, I do this:
> $ git add ditz/issue-12431234
> $ git commit -m "Just added issue 12341234"

Hooks! See http://hackety.org/2008/06/26/gitHooksForDitz.html.

You'll also want to add an update hook:

  Ditz::HookManager.on :after_update do |project, config, issues|
    issues.each do |issue|
      `git add #{issue.pathname}`
William <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>

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