[ditz-talk] Hyperlink for commit details

Ng Tze Yang ngty77 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 07:52:21 EDT 2008

Hi Guys,

I've just started using ditz, and is using the plugin 'git'. i'm 
experiencing problem with getting the desired html for 'ditz commit' . I 
believe ditz is working fine, just that i've probably missed something.

Using an example from 
under <COMMITS FOR THIS ISSUE>, we see:

  2008-07-29 00:38 GMT  William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz at ...>       add 
INSTALL with gem and non-gem install instructions [f0954fc]
  2008-07-29 00:19 GMT  William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz at ...>       ignore 
rubygems library if not found [5d1f52f]
  2008-07-29 00:18 GMT  William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz at ...>       added 
trollop library directly in lib/ [b73fa89]
  2008-07-29 00:18 GMT  William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz at ...>       added 
setup.rb for tarball installation [7f4f4ba]

At the end of each line, we have [...] which is a hyperlink to the 
details of the commit. How do we get [...] to become a hyperlink ?



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