[ditz-talk] Gitz - Gash-powered Ditz

William Morgan wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net
Wed Oct 1 19:32:34 EDT 2008

Reformatted excerpts from Magnus Holm's message of 2008-10-01:
> [1]http://judofyr.net/posts/its-a-gash-gash-gash.html

Very cool stuff.

> I'm thinking of combining Gash[1] and Ditz in order to make it more
> "streamlined" for Git-users. So all your issues live in the
> bugs-branch, which isn't really checkout out anywhere (Gash can easily
> read/commit without checking out the branch)

Sounds like a good idea. Although I do think the optimal way of using
Ditz is usually to maintain a separate database on a per-branch basis,
maintaining the issues on a per-project basis is useful for some
projects and I'd like to keep supporting it.

> 3) Could it be done with a plugin, or would a seperate project be
> better?

You could implement it as a separate command, but I think a plugin would
be better. Then the interface stays the same. Doing this the right way
will probably require adding some new plugin infrastracture, e.g.  the
ability to change the storage mechanism, which I believe is hardcoded
in bin/ditz right now.

> 1) How easy is it to switch from file-based to hash-based storage of
> issues?

I would guess reasonably easy. I abstracted away all file access into
the FileStorage object, but there are a few remaining file-specific
behaviors that may have to be tweaked (or disabled). Things like 'ditz
archive', for example. I've also never actually implemented another
storage mechanism, so you might find dependencies I didn't think about
as you start doing it.

> 2) How easy is it to mimic the ditz-command?

Again, reasonably easy, should you chose to go that route. Basically you
just need to call methods on the Operator class. If you look at bin/ditz
you'll see it's basically just loading configuration files, parsing
commandline arguments, and pretty-printing any errors.

This sounds like a pretty cool idea. Let me know if you have more
William <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>

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