[ditz-talk] Gitz - Gash-powered Ditz

Magnus Holm judofyr at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 16:18:04 EDT 2008


I'm thinking of combining Gash[1] and Ditz in order to make it more
"streamlined" for Git-users. So all your issues live in the bugs-branch,
which isn't really checkout out anywhere (Gash can easily read/commit
without checking out the branch). The gitz-command will work just like ditz,
but will read the issues from the bugs-branch and commit if needed. There
should also be a gitz-shell when you need to run several commands (only
loading the issues once).

I'm only throwing ideas around (haven't written a single line of code) and
am wondering if it's actually possible:

1) How easy is it to switch from file-based to hash-based storage of issues?
2) How easy is it to mimic the ditz-command?
3) Could it be done with a plugin, or would a seperate project be better?

Magnus Holm
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