[ditz-talk] [PATCH] Better issue_dir possibility order

Ohad Lutzky ohad at lutzky.net
Sun Nov 16 01:13:24 EST 2008

I got it - make it overridable in an environment variable. I
personally don't use this setting, but it sounds like a useful feature
when running automated tests.

On 11/16/08, William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net> wrote:
> Reformatted excerpts from Ohad Lutzky's message of 2008-11-09:
>> I like the way you're going with this, but here's a though: Why not
>> have a default "--config-file" option which gets parsed first
>> (regardless of any other trollop configuration the developer has)?
>> That way you could still load defaults from somewhere else.
> I dunno, seems more complicated than it really needs to be. And no other
> commandline tool like ditz, AFAIK, lets you change the location of the
> config file with a commandline argument, so it's not like I will be
> removing expected functionality.
> Does anyone ever specify --config-file?
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