[ditz-talk] Operator Arguments

Daniel Hackney dan at haxney.org
Sun Jun 8 22:36:48 EDT 2008

I am currently working on the "operator-arguments" branch on Gitorious, and have
a whole lot more work that isn't yet there, but I am wondering about some
development decisions.

Since it is a fairly large change (operator.rb will be almost completely
rewritten), I had some questions about what the best way to submit it would be.

  1. Would a single patch of the whole change, rebased off of the current head
     be best, or would a patch for each operator be preferred?

  2. Is it still a good idea to have all of the operators in the same big file,
     or could I break them out into one file per operation (in a subdirectory
     most likely)?

  3. Would it be okay to drop the dependency on Trollop and add CmdParse
     [cmdparse.rubyforge.org], which is also packaged as a Gem?

One of my goals is to be able to create a "batch mode" where some option (like
"-b") could be passed to ditz to tell it never to ask the user any questions,
for use with a frontend like emacs. This would not have to happen with the first
revision of the operator-argument branch, but it could be useful.

The patch needs a whole bunch more cleaning up before inclusion (not the least
of which is checking whether it actually all works), but I'll push what I have
so far to Gitorious so anyone can take a look at it. Keep in mind that I haven't
yet modified anything outside of operator.rb, so nothing else uses the new
functionality, so the whole thing will not work, but it could be worth at least
a glance.

Thanks for a very useful program!

Daniel M. Hackney

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