[ditz-talk] First impressions

David Masover ninja at slaphack.com
Wed Jul 30 00:25:27 EDT 2008

On Tuesday 29 July 2008 11:20:43 William Morgan wrote:

> I'm not sure what this is about. Does ditz crash for you if you don't
> make any changes to the file, during e.g. a ditz add? It doesn't for
> me...

I don't remember exactly what the context was. I do remember that it did 
crash. If you need help, I can try to reproduce it...

What I think happened is that a particular area was assuming that 
ask_multiline (or ask_via_editor) was 

> In general I don't like hacking NilClass and I'd rather fix the problem
> at its source.

True -- however, the use of blank? is a Rails-ism, and I believe ActiveSupport 
does extend NilClass the same way I have here.

The reason I've monkeypatched things this way is, for the moment, I'm using 
bzr for development. I don't particularly like certain parts of git, but I 
haven't really used it. I'll have to learn at some point, but since the 
monkeypatch worked, this isn't enough of an itch to force the issue.

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