[ditz-talk] Some work on ditz

Ohad Lutzky ohad at lutzky.net
Tue Jul 29 16:21:01 EDT 2008

So I've been talking to will, and hacking on ditz at
http://github.com/lutzky/ditz.git... and the conversation continues
here :)

> I've put some work into ditz-1 (commands need full argument parsing).
> That particular issue is  a little dangerous to work on, but only
> because I have some very specific ideas on how I want this done. I'm
> happy to elucidate those for you, of course!

So I've been working on it, and found trollop a bit lacking, so I
figured we might want to roll a more custom-made commandline parser.
However, now I realize trollop is also yours, so it makes more sense
to hack on that...

For now I've hacked around the issue I was having (trollop was
"stealing" flags from the subcommand, and stop_on couldn't be
specified without the hack in
126f410e7ebc900f2b60abf124cda042a4e07a6c. So I figured we might want
to bring that hack straight into trollop - add a general
"stop_on_subcommand" flag which doesn't need to know what the
subcommand would be.

So - other ideas? Elucidate away :)

Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps, for he is the only
animal that is struck with the difference between what things are and
what they ought to be.
 - William Hazlitt

Ohad Lutzky

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