[ditz-talk] HTML output do not show issue name

Thomas Nichols nichols7 at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 28 10:11:33 EDT 2008


William Morgan wrote on 2008/07/28 4:22:
> What I can do, which I think will help, is make the commandline accept
> the issue ids in addition to issue names. I've assigned this issue to
> 0.5:
> http://ditz.rubyforge.org/ditz/issue-31e555aefd93edaa1f7074c4f67106b1e24b6af4.html
> [1] with a high probability, at least

That would be splendid. That bug says, "For convenience, accept issue 
hash ids (ideally prefixes as well) as well as the issue names for 
commandline use"; does "accept prefixes" mean I could use just the 
initial characters of the ID, so long as they uniquely identify the 
issue in the repo, as I can in Git?

ATM, because the "#{component_name}-#{numeric-id}" identifiers are 
(understandably) mutable, we've taken to allocating UIDs manually - so a 
ticket I create for myself might have a subject of

@prio=2 @thomas N117 Resolve rake spec weirdness with Globalite @est=2

The @thomas tag says it's assigned to me. The N117 is manually 
maintained -- all tickets I create start with N, using a7b6 or whatever 
would work better for us. The tags idea comes from [todotxt][].

Then I can
ditz todo Etna | grep "@thomas" | grep -vr "^x" |  sort -k 3

to get a priority-sorted list of my open tickets. Summing all of the 
@est values needs a trivial script and tells me whether I'm on track.

I'd rather have a 'tags' attribute for an issue to keep this kind of 
metadata, though, instead of shoving it into the title. That said, ditz 
is a great improvement on all the other approaches we've tried; thanks 
for publishing!

-- Thomas.

[todotxt]: http://todotxt.com/ and http://code.google.com/p/todotxt/

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