[ditz-talk] HTML output do not show issue name

Ben Lau xbenlau at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 22:04:42 EDT 2008

Hi all,

   In the generated HTML from ditz, only exportable ID (issue id?) is
shown, it do not show the issue name which can be understood by ditz
command. I think it is inconvenient.

   For example, if your read from the HTML page, and find that one of
the issue is already fixed. And then you would like to close it by
type a ditz command. As ditz do not understand the 40 bytes HEX char ,
you have to type another command to find out the issue name first.
(e.g  ditz grep Title).  If the issue name is also shown in the HTML
page, then you could skip the 'ditz grep' command. It is more

   Would it possible to consider to show issue name in the HTML page?


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