[ditz-talk] basic ditz manpage

William Morgan wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net
Sun Jul 27 14:31:18 EDT 2008

Reformatted excerpts from Christian Garbs's message of 2008-07-26:
> Because Debian packages need to have a manpage for every binary, I've
> written a very basic ditz manpage.  It basically tells you to run
> "ditz help" but it's better than nothing.

Thanks, I've added it to the repo under man/.

> What is the "normal" way of writing manpages in Ruby?
> In Perl, you can embed your documentation directly in the code and
> then run pod2man, pod2html or pod2text to extract it in the desired
> format.

There's no standard way that I know of. AFAIK there's not even a way to
package them as part of a gem.

> I came across rdoc, but this looks like developer's documentation to
> me, not something for the end user.


> PS: I'm deliberately not writing a manpage for the
>     ditz-convert-from-monolith binary, as it will be removed anyways :)

Yup, that's fine. It's already removed in the repo.
William <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>

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