[ditz-talk] Ditz Commander v0.4 released

Ben Lau xbenlau at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 21:17:46 EST 2008


  Ditz Commander v0.4 is released. It could be downloaded from:

(William, do you mind to put a link of Ditz Commander in Ditz homepage
under related work?)


  * Added "New" window button in toolbar to create new window of commander
  * Prompt dialog if the opened path is not a valid ditz repository to
ask to run "ditz init" command
  * Refresh button is renamed to HTML button
  * Supported shortcut keys binding for toolbar items
   * Ctrl+N    - Create new window
   * Ctrl+O    - Open repository
   * Alt+Left  - Go to previous page
   * Alt+Right - Go to next page
   * Ctrl+R    - Reload page
   * Alt+Home  - Go to the index page
   * Ctrl+Q    - Quit

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