[ditz-talk] command line ditz

Dalton Calford dcalford at distributel.ca
Thu Aug 28 14:57:14 EDT 2008


I have just read through the ditz plugin documentation again, and
although it says how to modify an existing .ditz-plugins file, it has no
instruction on how to create a .ditz-plugins file.
Could you please include a .ditz-plugins file as an attachment so that I
can look at it and determine it's use in my projects.


On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 11:19 -0700, William Morgan wrote:
> Reformatted excerpts from Dalton Calford's message of 2008-08-28:
> > Can someone please point me to the proper repository for sheila?
> http://github.com/why/sheila/
> Once my sheila changes are ready I'll publish them as a clone of that
> repo.
> > Also, the documentation speaks about the .ditz-plugins file but it is
> > not autocreated and no details about it's format is given.
> The plugins documentation tells you how to construct it, but I suppose
> it doesn't say what the format official is: a YAML array of strings.
> > Where can I find all existing documentation on the project (I am
> > hoping thier is more than what I have found to date) and where should
> > I put my changes so that everyone can benefit?
> Everything that's been written is in the ditz repo.
> As for where to put your changes, just clone the ditz git repo (on
> Github, Gitorious, or your own hosting solution) and tell us about
> it. :)

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