[ditz-talk] using setup.rb (was: Re: [ANN] ditz 0.5 distributed issue tracker released)

Christian Garbs mitch at cgarbs.de
Thu Aug 21 14:48:16 EDT 2008

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 09:36:01PM +0300, Ohad Lutzky wrote:

> I'd like to point out that it's very easy to do that. As an example,
> you can take a look at ttime (a project of mine) at
> http://github.com/lutzky/ttime (sorry if I'm underestimating you, but
> you said you want to "use it for the build process", whereas in my
> method it pretty much IS the build process)

I don't know much about setup.rb and ruby in general or the specifics
of ruby integration to Debian.

Is there an easy way to make setup.rb install to /usr/share/ditz
instead of /usr/lib/ruby1.8?

I don't think that files like "style.css" or "green-bar.png" should
end up in a global library path :-)

Currently my debian/rules looks like this, but I want to change it to use

#!/usr/bin/make -f

include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk

DEB_INSTALL_DOCS_ditz = README.txt ReleaseNotes
DEB_INSTALL_EXAMPLES_ditz = contrib/completion/_ditz.zsh
DEB_INSTALL_MANPAGES_ditz = debian/ditz.1


#       binary: add ditz lib include directory (taken from apt-listbugs - is there a better way?)
        sed -e 's,^#!/usr/bin/env ruby,#!/usr/bin/ruby -I/usr/share/ditz,' \
                < bin/ditz \
                > $(DEB_DESTDIR)/usr/bin/ditz
        chmod 755 $(DEB_DESTDIR)/usr/bin/ditz

#       libraries
        install -m 0644 lib/*.css           $(DEB_DESTDIR)/usr/share/ditz
        install -m 0644 lib/*.rhtml         $(DEB_DESTDIR)/usr/share/ditz
        install -m 0644 lib/*.rb            $(DEB_DESTDIR)/usr/share/ditz
        install -m 0644 lib/plugins/*.rb    $(DEB_DESTDIR)/usr/share/ditz/plugins

#       additional files
        install -m 0644 contrib/completion/ditz.bash   $(DEB_DESTDIR)/etc/bash_completion.d/ditz


Kilroe hic erat!
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