[ditz-talk] Errors with new release

William Morgan wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net
Thu Aug 21 13:31:16 EDT 2008

[cc'ing list]

Reformatted excerpts from Dalton Calford's message of 2008-08-21:
> Is there a method to have ditz generate the html file with a different
> name/location?

'ditz html' takes an optional argument, which is the directory in which
to place files.

> I am integrating ditz with gitweb along with git:pserver


> BTW, I am looking at making web forms for submitting issues with ditz.
> We are using perl and calling ditz as an external process.
> Have you done anything like this?

You can look at sheila, Why the lucky stiff's camping+ditz app:
It's not entirely complete and doesn't quite work with latest releases,
but I'm working on fixing it up.

But that's in Ruby, so it can use the Ditz model objects directly. The
commandline stuff is structured to work in an interactive environment,
so it might be kinda irritating to call non-interactively. I've been
thinking a little about how to make a non-interactive commandline mode
but don't have any great ideas so far.
William <wmorgan-ditz at masanjin.net>

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